A post on the Facebook page for the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Department talks about the aftermath of a fatal accident, from the point of view of the deputy who has to let family members know their loved one has been killed.

Anyone who thinks members of law enforcement have an easy job really needs to read this post. I can't imagine the dread these folks must feel when they have to ring those doorbells. People know, when they open the door and there's an officer or deputy standing there, that it's bad news. It happened to me once, except the Bangor officer was there to tell me he had accidentally hit my cat. But my mind raced to my then-husband and my kids before he told me it was the wayward Siamese.

I offer my highest respect to the men and women who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe. It's an impossibly tough job and they're not offered the thanks they deserve. But anyone who's job description includes having to do the task detailed in this Facebook post is someone truly special. Thank you for all that you do.