The teen responsible for shooting a Scarborough man in his own home, as his family slept nearby, may avoid doing any jail time, as part of a plea deal.

It's a bizarre case, from start to finish. 17-year-old Matthew Gwyer is described as a quiet, studious, church-going young man who had never been in trouble before. He was an honor student and, some say, the last person you would expect to be involved in a violent crime.

But on January 18th, Gwyer rang the doorbell at the home of the Glidden family, and hid behind a tree, with a pistol in his pocket. When no one answered, he entered the home and shot Bruce Glidden before fleeing. Glidden recovered from his injuries.

Once outside, Gwyer used a pink granite stone to carve swastikas and smiley faces into a car driven by Glidden's teenage daughter, and break out the car's windows. When he was stopped by police four days after the crime, police say they found pink granite dust and the pistol still in his pockets. Officials say Gwyer had classes with Glidden's children, but there doesn't seem to be any indication of a connection that would have prompted the attack.

Now, according to the Press Herald, Gwyer has a plea offer that would enable him to stay at the Long Creek Youth Development Center and undergo treatment for unspecified mental disorders that are believed to have played a role in the shooting. In addition, he would have to meet with Glidden's family members and explain why he did it. His attorney says the teen can't offer explanations now because, without treatment and therapy, he doesn't know why. If he refuses the treatment or the visits, he could face felony charges and jail time.

In addition, his trial on felony assault charges has been delayed until he's 21. If he sticks with the plea deal and treatment plan, all felony charges could be dismissed. But, again, if he doesn't, he could be headed to prison.