The queen of social media attempts to put us out of our misery by revealing the 3rd clue to her big announcement.

With the 3rd clue revealed it would seem Taylor Swift‘s is planning an exclusive Q&A with Yahoo.The live video stream will be broadcast on August 18th at 5PM ET.

Fans have been racking their brains trying to figure out what's up since Swift posted the first mysterious clue - an Instagram video of her pressing an elevator button for the 18th floor (hence the date Aug. 18th). Clue #2 was another Instagram post with a picture of her fuzzy new kitten and "5:00" displayed at the top, as well as a watercolor painting of New York. The 3rd, and what's presumed to be the final clue, was more of a mind-bender... it's Taylor showing a screen shot of the Yahoo search bar filled in with “this is…clue #3.”

A page on Yahoo that read “Taylor Swift Q&A Worldwide Live Stream,” was posted Thursday afternoon (8/07), then was quickly taken down. The fan-theory now is Swift will take questions from fans live from a secret location and answer them on the stream. There's lots to speculate about when it comes to what Taylor will reveal during the Q&A — based on the things I've read online, I suspect it'll be the announcement of Taylor releasing an album this October or November.  Looks like we'll all have to wait and find out on August 18th at 5PM!