I know I'm getting older, but a lot of the times when I look at the new artists that are hitting the country scene, they look so incredibly young to me. Hunter Hayes is no exception. Honestly, he looks like he just stumbled out of freshman geometry class. But the second he hits that first note, everyone's perception changes, including mine.

Hunter is one of the scheduled artists that will hit the stage at the Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, New York, June 13-15, 2013, at Hunter Mountain. And with a name like Hunter, it had to have been in the cards from the beginning.

According to his website, Hunter Hayes calls Louisiana home. And believe it or not, he was displaying musical talent at the age of two. At four-years-old, Hunter hit the stage with Hank Williams, Jr., playing the accordian. At six, he was cast in the movie, 'The Apostle,' starring Robert Duvall--Duvall even gave him his first guitar. By the way, Hunter is now 21.

The road was pretty well paved for Hunter, as he set his goals on hitting it big.

Already he has had success with the singles, 'Storm Warning,' 'Wanted,' and one of my favs, 'Somebody's Heartbreak.'

The girls sure do love him.

If you'd like to see Hunter perform in New York, then I suggest you click here and get your tickets: tasteofcountryfestival.com

Here's a music video to tide you over until then: