Will Smith

‘Baby Got Class’ [VIDEO]
As school kids moan, and parents rejoice that school all across our area returns over the next 10 days, the Holderness family, the family that made 'Christmas Jammies' a viral video by wearing the Christmas pajamas and sang their praises to the Will Smith song 'Miami', are back, and just in time for…
Fear Not Folks…Will Smith is Alive & Well!
The internet as we all know is used for a plethora of things, research, music, keeping in touch with family and friends...and of course...rumors! Well the latest rumor about 'Fresh Prince' Will Smith, we are glad to say...is false! 45 year old Will Smith is alive and well, not dead as repo…
Do NOT Try This at Home [Video]
If you're the least bit squeamish it's probably wise not to watch this video.
It's also strongly advised that you do NOT try this at home, as the warning goes.
Famed illusionist David Blaine managed to get the the rugged, alien-fighter Will Smith, among others, to shrink and cringe.
Jaden Smith’s Anti-Education Rant Humorous
Excuse me if I'm sounding a bit condescending, but 15 year-old kid actor, Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son) was just so cute in the latest Karate Kid movie, yet he's already tarnishing his career early on by taking an anti-education stance...