Team Maggie

Maggie Is a Black Bear (Photos)
What an awesome night it was tonight at Alfond Arena on the campus of the University of Maine, as Maggie Rudnicki became a member of the UMaine Women's Ice Hockey Team.
Under the auspices of Team Impact, this matches children who are ill with collegiate teams...
Power of Prayer – Team Maggie Update
We asked you to send up some prayers and good thoughts for little Maggie Rudnicki, who broke her central line this morning, necessitating an emergency trip to Boston!
I am overjoyed to post this picture and Mom's comment with it
Boy it's a good thing she's cute...
Team Maggie Day +85
After nearly 3 months since Maggie Rudnicki received her brother Lucas' bone marrow, Maggie is H-O-M-E! The smile of Maggie, and her brother's Ethan and Lucas say it all! Welcome Home Rudnickis! May you all grow old together, closer, and be healthy...
Team Maggie – The Good and the Bad
Hopefully, little Maggie Rudnicki and her mom Lauren will be on their way home to Maine tomorrow, October 15th. Things were a little dicey yesterday, as Maggie was throwing up her meds, and was unable to keep anything down.
From Maggie's mom, talking about Sunday, October 13th
Maggie's day consisted o…
Team Maggie Day -7
Notice the headline? Instead of counting up the days since Maggie Rudnicki's transplant, WE'RE COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL MAGGIE COMES HOME TO MAINE!!!!!!!
That's right, Maggie and Mom, Lauren are planning on returning to Maine, on Tuesday, October 15th if things keep progressing...
Team Maggie Day +73
MAINE! Yes, little Maggie, and Mom, Lauren, barring complications will be home in Maine, soon! How soon? Well, here's Mom's report from today!
Exciting news this morning in clinic. If all stays on track (it better!!) we will be back in Maine in less than 2 weeks...
Team Maggie Update Day+54
Good news for Maggie, and the Rudnicki family today. Maggie was discharged back to the Neally House today (Sunday).
From Mom, Lauren:
Maggie was discharged back to the Neely house this afternoon. Seems whatever made her sick is doing a number on her new marrow as all her cell lines are down...
Team Maggie Update Day 53 Prayers Needed ASAP!
Ok Team Maggie, it's time to get busy. Lauren, Maggie's mom has just reported that Maggie has been admitted to the transplant unit with a fever. It's time to put our collective prayers together, so this special little girl can heal quickly and be discharged back to the Neally House...

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