talent show

A Performance No One Saw Coming [VIDEO]
Remember back in school when they announced they would hold a talent show, you could see the thoughts begin with the group of guys that were always up to mischief! Well, at Lake Howell High School, this happened and what the students saw next was no where near what they expected!
High School Student Steals Talent Show with MJ Dance [VIDEO]
Very few could ever pull off the dance moves of the pop king, Michael Jackson. Jackson is one of the most copied artists in the world today, even though he's been gone for almost 5 years now. But one high school student absolutely brought the house down at a talent show at his high school...
A Wish Kid Gives Back in an Entertaining Way [VIDEO]
Meet Hampden Academy student, 17-year-old Anthony "Tony" Cote.
He's a young man on a mission to support an organization near and dear to his heart, and he's going about it in a fun and entertaining way.
Tony's organizing a talent show and he's hoping you'll come to the performance, and he's …