organ donation

Memories Transplanted with Organs of Donors [VIDEO]
The Science Channel recently ran a program that tells the story of the possibility that organs that are transplanted into another human may also carry the memories and personality traits of the donor.
Cases from around the world have scientifically documented that organ recipients have actually taken…
So, How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth? [VIDEO]
If you have ever thought about adding the 'organ donation' option to your driver's license, you gotta know that it doesn't mean that when you kick the bucket that your old Hammond or Wurlitzer monstrosity that you used to bang out Lawrence Welk tunes on every Saturday night while…
The Touching Story Behind Organ Donation [Video]
As a mother, and now grandmother, I realize there's nothing as important as the gift of life.
It's also a well accepted notion that no parent should ever have to bury their child.
Everyone in Maine who holds a valid driver's license can make the decision to become an organ donor.