music education

Come Swing with Us and Support Music Education
Yeah, the weather stinks right now but you have a chance to shake off the effects of cabin fever and come swing with us, while supporting music education.
Thursday night, the Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden will come to life with the sounds of live music and all the proceeds from the event will …
Critical Thinking, Precision, Team Work [Video]
For over eight years, I taught broadcast journalism at the collegiate level and continuously heard colleagues questioning whether or not educators were teaching students critical thinking skills.
One university clearing teaching critical thinking, and other valuable skills such as listening, observat…
Enjoying Summer Concerts? Support the Next Generation of Musicians
Summer in Maine is rich with live music performance.
Festivals and concerts are as musically diverse as the communities in which they're hosted, and most people would agree that live music enhances every event.
The evidence proving the benefits of music in people's lives is endless, from teaching youn…