Maine Warden Service

Flooding Claims a Life in Maine
Maine's rivers and streams are swollen with many spilling over their banks with the recent rain and the flooding is being blamed for one death.
The Warden Service says a man was killed when he was swept away by fast moving water.
North Woods Law Officers with Egg On Their Face!!
But not because of something they did bad...but for something Jonathan Parker, Troy Thibodeau & Alan Curtis are doing for good!!! These 3 members of the Maine Warden Service, who just happen to appear on the Animal Planet's 'North Woods Law' will be Egging-Up for Children & Adults with Disab…
Who Shot the Eagle? The Reward Gets Bigger
A long life, majestic looks, graceful, and in 1782 named a national symbol for the United States.
Yet despite all that, a bald eagle is found shot in Hermon by Game Wardens and they'd like to find out who is responsible.
Missing Man Found Alive
The man who's been the subject of a two-day search in the Benton area has been found alive according to authorities.
Warden Corporal John MacDonald says one of the search teams using K-9 support found 86 year old Arthur Wakeman alive.
Wardens Search for Missing Man
You're being asked by the Maine Warden Service to be on the lookout for a missing man.
86 year old Arthur Wakeman left his home on the East Benton Road in Benton sometime between 2 and 6 pm yesterday.

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