Menstrual Misery
Experience a four part video series with expert information from Dr. Paul Smith on what he calls - "Menstrual Misery" and how to deal with a hot topic in Women's Healthcare
Expert Tips
Is there permanent birth control available for patients without the use of anesthesia? Yes, and it’s called Essure. It can be done in our office with a quick procedure that involves no cutting, no hormones, and no slowing down to recover,
I suffer from irregular and heavy periods, and…
Meet The Expert
Dr. Smith is a Board-Certified OB/GYN specialist who is in private practice in Bangor. His office is located at 12 Stillwater Avenue.
Dr. Smith grew up in Maryland, Virginia, and New York, a result of his father’s Navy assignments. He earned his undergraduate degree in 1973 from the US Military Acade…
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“We love caring for you, and it shows!”
They offer the very best in women’s health care, each patient will receive premium healthcare, focused and tailored to her clinical needs and life circumstances. They will get you in to see them quickly, usually withi…