Knox County Sheriff's Department

Husband + Wife Alleged Prostitution Business Busted
Working on a tip, the Knox County Sheriff's Department arrests a woman for allegedly offering sex for money through the internet.
The Sheriff's department claims that 37 year old Wendy Moody of Warren solicited sex from a deputy working an operation set up by the Patrol and Criminal Investi…
Two Men Face Armed Robbery and Assault Charges
Two men face charges after they allegedly burst into another man's home demanding drugs.
The home invasion happened yesterday afternoon on the Common Road in Union.
The Knox County Sheriff's Department says 40 year old Paul Milardo of Thomaston and 24 year old David Williams Jr...
More Detail Released in Weekend Crash that Kills Young Boy
The crash scene this weekend in Knox County required multiple first responders as a vehicle careened into a building, cars, and people, killing one young boy.
Knox County Chief Deputy Tim Carroll says 61 year old Cheryl Torgerson of New York, New York was driving near Monheagan Boat Landing in port C…