Kid's Games

Why Tyke Hockey is Awesome [VIDEO]
Kids sports can be some of the most gratifying events. With the right coach and parent involvement, children can learn so much about hard work, playing as a team, and most importantly: good sportsmanship!
Here's quick video of a tyke hockey game...
CAT Shows How Big Boys & Girls Play ‘Jenga’ [VIDEO]
I think most of us have played the kid's game 'Jenga' at one time or another. You simply stack small wooden blocks and build a tower, then you take turns removing one and place it on top trying not to topple it over. Simple. But can you imagine playing the adult way...
Holden Fall Frolic This Saturday! Fun for the Family!
Back by popular demand, it's the Holden Fall Frolic!
What a great day of fun for the family scheduled for this Saturday, September 22, at the Holden Elementary School starting at 9AM and going until 3PM.
Actually, there's an early bird breakfast at 7:00AM...