Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols ‘Yeah’ [VIDEO]
For a while, country music seemed to be missing one amazing voice, that of Joe Nichols. Well, Joe Nichols is back and is better than ever with the success of 'Sunny And 75', his forth #1 hit of his career, and first #1 since 2010. Now his latest hit racing up the charts is 'Yeah'…
Joe Nichols, ‘Yeah’ [Listen]
Joe Nichols’ new single ‘Yeah’ keeps the feel-good vibe of ‘Sunny and 75’ alive. On paper, the story comes across as a track that was all too popular in 2013, but the singer’s warm voice wraps the listener up like a good hug…
Joe Nichols Announces New Album, ‘Crickets’
With the lead single 'Sunny & 75,' fans of Joe Nichols have been eagerly anticipating an upcoming album from the deep-voiced country singer. Now, they have a date to look forward to, as Nichols has announced the release date for his forthcoming 'Crickets' album.

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