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Fresh Track: ‘The Weekend’ [POLL]
Ready for the weekend? A songs that says the weekend starts when you start thinking about it. A song written by 2 guys during a phone conversation. Vote Yea or Nay for Brantley Gilbert, 'The Weekend'
Fresh Track: ‘Our Town’ [POLL]
Fully healed after undergoing micro-laryngeal surgery in January, but still with a raspy voice, Tyler Farr, who's gearing up for next year's release of his 3rd album. Vote Yea or Nay for a song about small town values and civic pride. 'Our Town'...
Fresh Track: ‘Yeah Boy’ [POLL]
The first female to hit number one with her first three singles from her debut album. 'Love Me Like You Mean It', 'Dibs', and 'Peter Pan'.
Vote yea or nay for Kelsea Ballerini 'Yeah Boy'
Fresh Track: ‘For Her’ [POLL]
Chris Lane was part of a video, surprising a fan by participating in a marriage proposal. Here it is:
However, he's still single and says about a potential mate, no drama is allowed and she must be just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Bon...
Fresh Track: ‘Sober Saturday Night’ [POLL]
Chris Young wrote the song with a writing team and when one of the guys sat at the piano and started playing the chords, they knew they had something. Then they decided to reach out to Vince Gill and ask him to sing on the song.  And he said yes...
Fresh Track: “Good At Tonight” [POLL]
Brothers Osborne brought David Nail a song, and he thought they were just showing him one of THEIR new tunes. He loved the song and says he was a little bummed they were rubbing it in his face.  But it turns out they were handing the song over for him to record...
Fresh Track: ‘Kill A Word’ [POLL]
Moved by harsh and hateful messages of the Presidential election, as well as the unrest and intolerance throughout the country, Eric Church with a song, featuring Rhiannon Giddens, from the Mr. Misunderstood album. Vote Yea or Nay for 'Kill A Word'...

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