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Fresh Track: ‘Came Here To Forget’ [POLL]
First line of the song, "Girl you getting over him and I"m getting over her" Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day, a song not written by Blake Shelton, but his new album, called 'If I'm Honest', due out later this month, will be that. Vote Yea or Nay for 'Came…
Fresh Track: ‘I Know Somebody’ [POLL]
LoCash have written songs for others, and they take a song someone else wrote for their follow-up to their Top 5 hit, 'I Love This Life'. The Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day, vote yea or nay for 'I Know Somebody'
Fresh Track: ‘T Shirt’ [POLL]
A song that was on hold for Tim McGraw to record, but during that time was given to a guy who said he was "put thru the ringer". The Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day. Vote Yea or Nay for Thomas Rhett who said it's his wife's favorite song: 'T Shirt'
Fresh Track: ‘Humble And Kind’ [POLL]
A call for a more humble, kinder approach to life. The occasion, his daughter left for college bringing a rollercoaster of emotion. He even had trouble recording the song because he kept crying. It took take after take to finish today's Q106...
Fresh Track: ‘My Church’ [POLL]
If you sing along to the radio, check out The Q106.5 Fresh Day of the Day. Vote Yeah or Nay for the newcomer who is opening for Keith Urban on his Ripchord Tour. Maren Morris and 'My Church'.
Fresh Track: ‘Somewhere On A Beach’ [POLL]
A song to celebrate being away from an ex, enjoying paradise with someone new. The Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day. Dierks Bentley, 'Somewhere On A Beach' from his 8th studio album, called 'Black', which will be totally personal.
Fresh Track: ‘Unlove You’
Jennifer Nettles will perform the song at the NHL All Star game at the end of January in Nashville. I love that, but YOU vote yea or nay for the Q106.5 Fresh Track Of The Day 'Unlove You'

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