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Mario the Goose Finds Friendship in One Man [VIDEO]
Who knows why animals do the things that they do, especially when they find better companionship in a human than their own kind. That's exactly what happened when a man met Mario the Goose at a zoo. For some reason a bond was made that just amazes everyone...
Child Tests Pope Francis During a Speech [VIDEO]
I love when kids are in the room. It seems they most have no fears and often do and say the most unexpected things.
One child in particular, with no sense of decorum obviously, decided to visit Pope Francis while he was preparing to give a speech to the multitudes...
Man Discovers Bear had Climbed into Pickup Truck [VIDEO]
These stories are always funny when they happen to someone else, but a wild bear decided to climb into a man's truck to get at one particular thing. And in the process, did a considerable amount of damage.
Click the pic and see the man, the bear, the truck, and the damage:

Skydiver Flies Through Rock Opening Going 150MPH [VIDEO]
When it comes to doing daredevlish type things, I can honestly say that those crazy things are long behind me. I no longer have courage to tempt fate in such ways. And when I saw a skydiver fly through a cave hole in a rock opening going 150MPH, I knew that if I tried such a thing, I'd be a sta…

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