‘Dude Perfect’ Trick Shots with Tim McGraw! [VIDEO]
Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney and Sean Townsend, all former high school basketball players, now team up on the YouTube Channel 'Dude Perfect', and now, thanks to Pennzoil, are teaming up with Tim McGraw for 'Tim McGraw Trick Shots' on Dude Perfect…
Spiderman Schools Some Boys on the Court [VIDEO]
We've all seen the videos of window washers dressed in superhero costumes doing their job just outside the windows of sick kids at a hospital, but I bet you've never seen the sports side of the webslinger we all know as 'Spiderman.'
Someone who is obviously very gifted with the ro…
Woah! Sign Her Up {Video}
Now I've got to be completely honest here.
I'm not a sports fan but I can appreciate talent when I see it.
This girl's coordination is there a Globetrotter's youth group?
And who does she humbly credit for her talent?