Wakin’ Up to Bacon…on Your iPhone?
Oscar Mayer has a new i-Phone app that wakes you up to the sizzle and smell of bacon. After the alarm sounds, the phone screen depicts sizzling bacon...and a aroma diffuser attachment emits the smell of cooking bacon. Is it bacon...or just facon?? You decide!!
This Kid Really Loves Bacon
Just like our fellow testosterone-sweating, meat-loving friend Ron Swanson, we’re big fans of bacon. To put our love for the greasy snack into perspective, learning about the horrific pending bacon shortage sent us into a minor panic attack, but it’s difficult to full…
Global Bacon Shortage is a Horrible Reality
We really don’t like to be the bearers of bad news. It makes us feel all sad and weird, like ‘Gangnam Style’ in an elevator. But this time, we feel that it’s necessary to relay said bad news, if only for your health: there is going to be a global…