A trio of friends stopped at the local Taco Bell in Kentwood, Michigan for some yummy tacos. But they were miles away before they opened the bag and realized it contained cash. A LOT of cash!

Kennidi Rue told Yahoo! News that she opened the bag and there were several bags of cash inside and a wad of twenties! Her friends, Luke Postma and Grant Kruse counted the money and said it totaled somewhere around $3,600!

So, what to do? Keep the money? Or do the right thing and return it? The friends quickly decided that, although it would be cool to keep the cash, someone would lose their job. So they turned the car around and drove back to the Taco Bell.

When the trio walked in, the employee they'd seen on their previous visit was obviously upset. But when they handed her the bag of cash, she collapsed into tears. And as for the three friends? They said the best part of the day was getting their food!