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Most everyone has heard about Zumba from somewhere or another by now. It’s the workout craze that combines dance moves and aerobic elements to make working out fun.  I’ve heard a lot of different responses to Zumba, anything from the dance steps being too hard, it not giving you a “real” workout, not trying it because your uncoordinated, and not to mention the bad press that Zumba has gotten in Maine due to the recent scandal in Kennebunk.  So this intern decided to check out for herself, what exactly is the deal with Zumba?

For this adventure I went to the local Bangor YMCA where Townsquare Media’s own Emilie Bronson teaches a class.  Emilie recently got to perform on stage as a back-up dancer for Victoria Justice on the Bangor waterfront, so I figured I was in good hands.  Having never tried Zumba before and not being very coordinated, I was pretty intimidated going into it, but from the moment that I stepped into the studio the whole environment set me at ease. 

You could feel the energy from everyone in the room as the disco ball on the ceiling started to spin and the music was cranked up.  The rhythm of the music was so contagious that even though I couldn't help but move around to it. Although it did take me a few minutes to catch on, the steps were repetitive enough that I was able to learn them, but not so much that It felt redundant.

I was shocked when I noticed about half way through the second song I was sweating all over and was already feeling tired.  Anyone who ever thought that Zumba doesn't give you a good workout was wrong. I'm not in excellent shape, but I can hold my own and by the end of the night I was exhausted.  I also learned a very valuable lesson, when you go to a Zumba class, bring a water bottle, you will need it.

So in conclusion, Zumba is Amazing! I had a blast bouncing around to the music, and not once did I worry about how I looked or not being able to keep up with the steps. It's all about getting up on your feet and having fun.  Emilie is a great instructor and everyone in the class was so welcoming. To anyone who has never tried it I definitely recommend giving it a shot.