I have always been fascinated by space, ever since I visited Cape Canaveral as a girl and got to watch from the visitor's area as a rocket launched a satellite into orbit. On that same trip, we learned about a new ship they were working on that would take off like a rocket and land like a plane. Yep, I'm that old that I remember when the Shuttle was in development! If you love space, stars, and planets, check out these great shows at the Jordan Planetarium this month!

Each Sunday in October at two o'clock, younger sky watchers have the opportunity to explore the planets of the solar system and the constellations in the night time sky. Two different shows will be shown this month, "Our Night Sky" on October 7th and 21st...and "Earth Moon and Sun" on October 14th and 28th.

Winter isn't here yet (thank goodness!), but every Saturday at 7pm you have the chance to understand the role of ice on Earth and how it could lead to the discovery of water, and even life, on other worlds. The program "Ice Worlds" will fascinate you!

And finally, since Jupiter will be visible all month, it's the perfect time to learn all about the first telescopes used by Galileo to observe the great gas giant planet and discover its moons with "The Amazing Telescope: Two Small Pieces of Glass." This show happens every Friday this month at 7pm.

For a detailed schedule or more information, call 581-1341 or visit the Jordan Planetarium's website. Seating is limited. Admission is $3 per person. The Maynard F. Jordan Planetarium is on the University of Maine's Orono Campus.