Over the past few weeks, I've been moderating phone calls between Maureen Hancock, the Spirit Medium Next Door, and some of our listeners. Last week, it was a woman named Michele, who wanted to hear from her friend who had passed. But the call ended up being a surprise for Michele's friend who decided to sit in on the call!

When we started the conversation, Michele told me she was going to put me on speaker phone. I thought that was a little odd, because it always makes it harder to hear the other person. What Maureen and I didn't know was that Michele had a friend who was sitting in the room with her, listening in.

Maureen always starts the conversations asking the person who they want to connect with. But, with this call, she also told Michele that there was a strong "grandmotherly" presence. Michele went along with it, even though she really wasn't very close to her grandmother.

Once the call was over, we got an email from Michele, who told us that her friend who was in the room with her, began to cry when Maureen was talking about the grandmother. See, this woman's birthday was the week before, but she no longer celebrates because her grandmother died on her birthday. She took the reading as a sign that she should start celebrating again because her grandmother was in a better place. I get goosebumps just writing about this!

Maureen told Michele that her friend's "sign" was a butterfly. So click the butterfly above to listen to the reading. And don't forget to get your tickets to see Maureen Hancock's "Postcards from Heaven" to the Spectacular Events Center in Bangor on Friday, September 20th! Tickets are only $29 for general admission. Get yours now!