Many of us remember the days when 55 MPH was the norm on I-95 in our dear old Pine Tree State. But did you know that when the interstate was built in the late 50's, the speed limit was 70 MPH?

Then in 1973, our federal government, who always knows what's good for us by the way, lowered it to 55 MPH. Wow! We all felt like we were crawling. It was awful!

Come about 1987, somebody slipped and accidentally hired a genius who then was able to get the speed limit increased to 65 MPH. Now we're talkin', baby.

But it doesn't stop there! In October of 2011, another genius got the speed limit raised to 75 MPH between Old Town and Houlton. Cue the Homer Simpson: Woohoo!

Have you traveled that stretch of road yet at 75 MPH? It's awesome! If you're like most people you'll push the limit to about 80 MPH. That's what I do. I usually tack on an extra 5 MPH and lock in the cruise control.

Just when we feel like we're king of the heap, to put it nicely, Texas decides they'll take a 41 mile stretch of road in Austin and jack up the speed limit to 85 MPH! I know, right?

Will Maine do it someday? Who knows? If it happens you can bet that 'ol Nelson will be one of the first ones with the "pedal to the metal." Safely, of course.

You can read about it here: 85 MPH in Texas

(speed limit history derived from an Reuters article written by Daniel Lovering here: reteurs)