It's a scary new trend where thieves steal valuables from cars while the car's owner is pumping gas. By the time the owner realizes what's going on, the thieves are driving away! Called "sliders," they slide in and out of your car least until the door closes and they make their getaway.

I was always raised to be security-conscious. I try to remember to lock my doors, even when I'm in my car, so someone can't hop in my passenger seat at a light. I have my car key in my hand if I'm walking out to a dark parking lot. And I check my backseat before I get in the car at night.

But I have to admit, I do THIS all the time. Pull into a neighborhood gas station, hop out, and start pumping gas while my pocketbook sits on the seat. It never occurred to me that anyone would be brave enough to open my passenger side door and grab the purse right in front of me. But watch this video and it will change your mind!

So here's another thing to remember, when you're out and about. Keep your valuables, like your pocketbook or laptop case, with you as much as possible. If you have valuables in the car, keep the doors locked. And even if it's a hot summer day, put those windows up and lock the doors to keep the sliders out!