It's a rainy Monday that looks to be followed by a rainy Tuesday....and through the week. So, ladies, we need a little sunshine, don't we? I want you to start thinking about who you consider Hollywood's sexiest actor. Nominate your favorite and, over the weekend, you can vote!

After my admission that I named my car after one of his best characters, it will come as no surprise that one of my favorites is Johnny Depp. I love his looks, his characters, and his passion for the things he loves. On top of all that, he's basically a very shy guy, which I find irresistible!

Second to Johnny would have to be Will Smith. Sexy, hunky, and goofy. What a great combination! Add to that his dedication to his kids, and he's totally adorable.

So those are my two nominations. What do you think? Which actor is so yummy that you never miss his movies? So amazing that you named your pet after him?

Add your nominations to the comments section below and I'll add the most popular to our week-long list of sexy Hollywood actors. Then on Friday, you can vote for your favorite sexy guy!