All this week I'm taking nominations for Hollywood's Sexiest Actor. Who's your favorite? I've had a few nominations, so I can stop sharing all of my fantasy guys (thank goodness!). If you have a favorite sexy actor, add his name to the comments section below and I'll add him to the list!

On Monday I nominated my two favorites. Johnny Depp is at the top of my list, despite the fact that he recently shared that he's a fan of Honey Boo Boo! And Will Smith's combination of sex appeal, family values, and goofiness put him on the list.

Photo by Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Tuesday's nominees are two actors who starred in one of my favorite movie series, Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey, Jr took a cartoon character with the Ironman series and made it his own. And Jude Law's blue eyes and British accent just make me melt!

Today's nominees were picked by you, starting with the always impressive Hugh Jackman. This guy can do anything, from playing Wolverine to playing an 19th Century English gentleman who travels forward in time in "Kate and Leopold." And he looks yummy doing all of it!

I have to admit that I never took much notice of "The Rock" when he was wrestling. But once he switched to his real name and started acting, there was no ignoring Dwayne Johnson. All I can say is "Walking Tall," jeans and no shirt for most of the movie. Wow!

Those are our nominees so far. Who do you want to see on the poll Friday? Add your favorite sexy guy in our comments section below. We'll be voting on Hollywood's sexiest actor over the weekend!