All this week, I'm taking nominations for Hollywood's sexiest Male Actor. Who's your favorite? I haven't received any nominations, which means I get to post two more of my favorites today. Want to add yours? Then add him to the comments section below!

Yesterday, I nominated Johnny Depp and Will Smith. These two top my sexiest actor list, so I had to think a little about today's nominations.

Today's two nominees have something in common! They both appear in one of my favorite movie series, "Sherlock Holmes." First, is Robert Downey, Jr. I know he's had a lot of personal issues over the years, but let's face it, he made Tony Stark sexy!

Photo by Jason Merritt, Getty Images

And the other nominee today is Jude Law. I love his soft British accent, and his gorgeous eyes. Watch the movie "The Holiday" and you'll instantly fall in love with him. I know I did!

Okay, so I've posted my top sexy actors. Who's yours? Nominate him in the comments section below, so I can add him to the list! We'll be voting over the weekend for Hollywood's Sexiest Actor!