Once again this year, a Secret Santa is handing out $100 bills in Portland at locations where he feels he can find people in need.

The Santa's identity is a closely guarded secret. He's known only as Secret Santa Portland. No one seems to know who it is that's been dressing up each year since 2009 and handing out the money to passersby. But each year, he gives out $20,000, and will take his grand total to $160,000 by the time he's done this year.

He tries to visit places where he feels he'll find people who can really use the money. So this week he showed up at the Still a Good Cause Thrift Shop and the Sagamore Food Pantry. The money is in envelopes, so the recipients don't always know what they're getting until they open it up. Then Santa is greeted with smiles, laughter, and tears, which he says it's what it's all about - spreading cheer and giving to folks who are struggling.

Now, a Secret Santa Maine is promising to do the same, with some help from Rudolph. We'll have to wait and see where he will show up!