The debate continues as to whether or not there is life after death, moreover, is there a heaven with a real, loving God? One woman's near death experience has many wondering about the finality of life on earth, and everlasting life in heaven.

I make no bones about my belief in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit--all one of the same. Sure, it's hard to wrap your mind around, but the complexity of our existence and the tiniest little nuances should give us all pause. Near death experiences are not a new thing. Many people have shared their experiences for hundreds of years. One of the most recent comes from the book, 'Heaven is for Real.'  It's the story about a little boy who died, was revived and began sharing things that he would have no history of, or could have known. He also says he met Jesus. Is it real?

You'll have to watch, ponder, and come to your own conclusion. I, for one, have no doubt.