The Salvation Army's Angel Tree is set up in Bangor Mall and could really use your help providing gifts for kids in need this Christmas!

If you've never visited the Angel Tree, here's how it works. Displayed on the tree and adjoining table are a variety of angel tags, that each contain the name of a child, their age, and the gift they'd most like to receive. You look over the tags, pick one that appeals to you, sign it out at the table, purchase the gift, and bring it back (unwrapped) to the Angel Tree table. They ask that the gifts be unwrapped because they want to make sure each item has batteries, or whatever it might need. Plus, they want to give the parents the opportunity to use their own wrapping paper.

It's a great way to give back to the community and help some kids have a much happier holiday season. Plus, the Angel Tree is perfect for teaching your own children the value of giving to others. Take them with you to choose a tag, shop for the gift, and return it to the Angel Tree table. You'll be able to take the cardboard angel portion of the tag home to hang on your own tree. And it will be a nice reminder to your children on Christmas morning that there's a child somewhere in Maine opening the gift they provided. In our society, teaching kindness, generosity, and the value of giving back is so important. What a fun way to convey that message!

For more information on the Salvation Army's Angel Tree, log onto the organization's website. Or just go out and ask the volunteers at the Angel Tree table in Bangor Mall, and pick out a tag or two while you're there!