The Bangor Y and MARTiAL YOU invite kids to join in some fun just before Halloween! The party's being held on Sunday, October 28th and there will be plenty of fun for everyone!

Kids and parents are invited to wear their costumes! (kids love an excuse to dress up for an extra evening!) Everyone can enjoy face painting, dancing and swimming, a haunted house, games and crafts, and treats!

Plus, the folks from MARTiAL YOU will put on demonstrations! Every kid is fascinated by watching a guy break things in half! (heck, I'M fascinated by THAT!)

The Pre Halloween Family Bash will be held on October 28th at the Bangor Y from 5 to 8pm. Admission is free! For more information, log onto the Bangor Y's website, or call 941-2808. And check out the video that explains it all! Happy Halloween!