Football enthusiasts have to watch this clip from a game between Sacred Heart University and Monmouth University. It's one of those WOW! moments from football. A double fumble recovery has the team who originally had possession of the ball making the touchdown in an exciting play that decides the game!

It starts with the Sacred Heart University Pioneers in possession of the ball. After a pretty pass, it's caught!  Moses Webb heads toward the end zone, but has the ball stripped, and a member of the Monmouth University Hawks scoops it up and runs the other way. But the play's not over yet!

He fumbles the ball, which is then picked up by Sacred Heart's Moses Webb (yep, same guy!) who runs it into the end zone for a touchdown! In one play, Webb racked up a reception, fumble, tackle, forced fumble, fumble recovery, and touchdown. I'll say it again..WOW!

Oh yeah, did I mention there was less than a minute to play? This touchdown proved to be the game-winning score in a 24-21 win for Sacred Heart. Randy Brochu and Terrance White are the announcers on the play.