I was heartbroken for the Thibodeau family this past week as they received news that 56-year-old, Richard Thibodeau, was struck and killed on a road paving job in Orono. Although all the accident details haven't been released yet, the accident is reminder of our road responsibility in and around construction zones.

Road construction workers are some of the hardest working people on the planet. They spend countless hours on their feet in all kinds of weather conditions, day and night, sometimes for minimal pay. They deserve our utmost respect as they work to make our roads smooth and safe.

No matter how much of hurry you are in when approaching a construction zone, slow down! Flaggers work to ensure that you and the workers remain safe. Put your electronic device away and turn the radio down a bit. Be on a heightened state of alert, and only resume posted road speed when signs direct you to do so.

If construction zones ruffle your feathers, try to avoid them. Many towns give us all a heads up when roads and bridges will be worked on. Just check the town's website for information.

Prayers and condolences to the Thibodeau family from all of us here at Q-106.5.