Roads are snow-covered this morning, over a layer of ice, so give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and take it slow!

Three seasons out of the year, I enjoy living in South Orrington. It's beautiful there, and the commute to and from work is filled with green fields and lush woods. But, in the winter, I often wish we lived closer to town. This morning, when I walked out to hop in my warming car and make the white-knuckle drive  to work, I heard a tree fall in the woods next to our house. Not an encouraging sound!

We all know how to drive in this stuff, but it's important to keep the basics in mind. Drive slow and take your time. Don't follow too close to the car in front of you, in case you have to stop. Start tapping your brakes before the intersection, instead of slamming them on once you get there. And eliminate distractions, like your cell phone or coffee. There's time for that once the commute is over.

It's also important to be prepared, in case you do go off the road. Fully charge your cell phone and make sure you have emergency numbers already programmed in. Pack a blanket, hat, and gloves in your car in case you're stuck for a while. And it's not a bad idea to include some granola bars, or fruit to sustain you, in case you have to wait for a wrecker to come pull you out.

If you're looking for road conditions on a particular route, you can log onto the map for 511 New England, or post an inquiry on the Facebook page 'Maine Weather/Road Conditions.' This is one of my favorite websites because you can enter the road you're asking about and folks who have recently traveled it can give you immediate updates.

Take your time and be safe this morning!