Folks can ride the bus in Bangor for free today, whether they're voting, shopping, or heading to work.

The Community Connector service provides bus service around Bangor, but also runs buses to Old Town, Stillwater, and Hampden. It costs $1.50 for a single ride for an adult, and just 75 cents for kids and seniors. Bus passes are available for 'five rides' or by the month.

But today, it's all free! The City of Bangor wants to make sure all Bangor voters can get to the polls, so they're offering the service for free. But you can also take the bus today to do other things, like go to lunch or shop downtown without worrying about parking. Or maybe treat yourself to your first bus ride and experience the comfort and convenience of the Community Connector system.

A complete bus schedule can be found on the Community Connector website.