Remember TV in Bangor, when there we only a few channels to watch?  Yup, only three!  And, the local commercials really stood out!

Check out a few of the local commercials that we've discovered.  Some featuring local celebrities and businesses that are no longer with us.  But, we remember them well!

Here's a promo for WLBZ channel two that featured the beloved Eddie Driscoll and Twoie, the station's mascot in the late seventies.  I guess that Twoie was to resemble the NBC mascot of the time, a brightly colored peacock. Twoie's demise happened when she ventured into an unorganized territory during deer hunting season.

Continuing with local TV, here's a promo for WABI TV5 featuring everyone from Ronald McDonald to Andre the Seal.  Anyone look familiar to you?  Everyone was dressed in brightly colored clothing, and had hair.

Here's one that some may remember.  Dick Stacy of TV's Country Jamboree pushing a stay at the old Plaza Motel.  "By golly, a breakfast for two at no charge!"  Only problem was the bagels smelled like gas.

Here's one from southern Maine featuring Jolly John, everybody's favorite pitchman.  The guy could even make an Escort with a moon roof sound somewhat enticing.  Well, maybe not.

Here's a commercial for Sandi's, a retro shop that had some very unique things for sale in downtown Bangor.  The spot featured the song Downtown by Petula Clark. No wonder the place went out of business.

Here's the Bangor Saving's Christmas commercial that ran for years.  Everyone's favorite!  The kitties were so cute. Of course they've multiplied five hundred times over by now and are responsible for half the feline population in the area today.

Here's another Christmas ad, this one for LaVerdiere's, the drug store that had everything located right here in Maine.  LaVerdiere's did pretty good until Welby's put them out of business. Welby's was then taken down by Brooks, which went out of business when the Rite Aid came to town, which was then purchased by Walgreens.  Things haven't changed all that much though.  Maybe Walgreens should just change the name and use this ad this Christmas.

Cole's Express was a big trucking company that "covered Maine like a gentle dew as the evening sun goes down."  Unfortunately, the company with the big orange rigs that  started with a horse drawn carriage in 1917 went out of business in 1997. This ad was from 1982.