American crooner, Andy Williams has died at the age of 84. I know that he wasn't a country singer, but if you're anywhere near my age you remember watching Andy's Christmas specials. I just had to share a video from one of those annual shows.

Andy Williams is one of those artists that my parents loved, and I didn't always understand why. I mean, he had a great voice, but who listened to that stuff? (typical kid response to parents' music!) But every year, we gathered around the TV to watch the Andy Williams Christmas specials. And the first year he wasn't on TV, I realized I missed those shows! The sets were festive and the music was beautiful! So, when I decided to share a video of Andy's music, I had to skip over his very family "Moon River" and, instead, choose a song from a Christmas special.

Rest in Peace, Andy. And thanks for the Christmas memories!!