Sarah had a passion for music, and great compassion for easing the burden of others.

When she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24, she and her husband Ben, would travel from Maine to Boston for Sarah's treatment. Not only was the young couple dealing with Sarah's diagnosis and the impact that would have on their future, they had to deal with frequent trips that were both exhausting and expensive.

Before Sarah passed away in 2011, she had already invested her time and determination to lay the foundation for the creation of a special home-away-from-home. A house that would serve as a warm and inviting space for weary travelers undergoing cancer treatments at the Lafayette Family Cancer Treatment Center in Brewer.

Sarah's House of Maine in Holden is coming together, and right now, a very musical group is rehearsing twice a week for a show to help raise money to ensure Sarah's dream is realized. As her identical twin sister, Lindsay Turner explains, it was music, indirectly, that brought Sarah to her cancer diagnosis.

Sarah and Lindsay shared the love of music and performed together often in a family band. Lindsay plays bass and Sarah was a drummer.

"We were actually playing a gig and Sarah said she had a pinch in her hand, a sort of numbness in her left arm," remembers Turner. That lead her to the doctor's office, and her subsequent diagnosis of a brain tumor.

Sarah Lunette Robinson was also a Rotarian and the Rotary Club of Bangor pledges its support, in part, by staging the upcoming Music Off Broadway Show:Take Me Places and Imagine, on March 29 & 30, 2014.

There will more to come on this exciting performance, but mark your calendar now, get ready to support Sarah's Cancer Hospitality House of Maine with music!