Growing up in the 60's, Johnny Cash's songs would often blare out of our old AM radio on Chapman St. in Presque Isle, Maine. So often in fact, that it was easy to remember the lyrics to the timeless classics like Ring of Fire, I Walk the Line, and Orange Blossom Special just to name a few.

Albeit a couple of days late, I felt compelled to take a moment to remember Johnny's passing at the age of 71. He passed September 12, 2003. And although what I write here is lost on a whole new generation, it's important to reflect on a legend's work that paved the way for so many to follow.

Those songs take me back to a much simpler time, a time before all the digital technology that permeates every little nuance of our lives. I don't know about you, but I enjoy going back there.

We still miss you, Johnny, and thanks for all the incredible songs that we still listen to today.

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