The Red Sox saga in sports history is as well-known, and on-going, as any sports team on the planet. As a die-hard fan, I can tell you that the recent news of hiring John Farrell is truly a blessing.

Farrell, who was once an incredible pitching coach for the Red Sox from '07 to '10, had moved on to manage the Blue Jays. Well, they coaxed him back, and not a moment too soon.The dismal 2012 season under the reigns of Bobby Valentine is certainly another for the record books, and will no doubt be talked about -- ad nauseum -- around the 'pot bellied' wood stove in the off season.

And although the collapse of Sox in the 2011 season was blamed almost entirely on then manager, Terry Francona, I personally think they should have given Francona at least one more season to turn things around. After all, didn't he bring us two world series titles ('04 and '07)?

Much of the blame for lousy seasons should always fall on the part of the players. They are hired professionals who, in many instances, make exorbitant amounts of money to play a 'game.' Those salaries are reflected in the ticket prices that my wife Shirley and I are silly enough to pay--that's why we only attend one game a season. And don't get me started on food and beer prices.

Anyway, welcome back, John Farrell! I am one fan of many that can't wait for the 2013 season. Play ball!