Organizers of the Pine Tree Camp weekend in Newport are creative when the weather's too mild. And this year, they had a new challenge. The Rave X Motorsports Outdoor Freestyle Show needs a large track in order to do all those cool stunts. And snow is not in great supply right now. But that didn't stop the Pine Tree people!

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Lucas

Jeremy Lucas of the Pine Tree Society headed to Newport to find snow. He found large piles of it at the Walmart parking lot and other area retail lots. Some local contractors volunteered their time and their equipment and voila! A snow track is nearly built!

The show gets underway at 11am on Saturday at the Bradstreet Farm on the Ridge Road in Newport. There will be two performances, with an intermission in between. It won't cost anything to get in but there will be plenty of opportunities to donate to the Pine Tree Camp. The weekend is packed full of fun activities including our Egg Ride! Check out the full schedule and plan a fun weekend helping to raise money for the kids!