Cool part of the job? Giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something that most never get to do. Like go backstage and meet and greet artists that we know and love...from afar.

Emily, from now on known as The Bar Harbor Free Hugs Lady, told me before going backstage, in front of her boyfriend, that she wanted the picture to be just her and Kenny. The boyfriend and I laughed about it. And told Emily it would be better that way since Kenny was probably going to propose to her anyway, and how awkward would it be to have her boyfriend right there.

After meeting with Chesney, Teresa was still excited. She and her friend gave Kenny a sweatshirt to keep warm on that cold Saturday night, and when Teresa told him that she named her new cat Kenny Chesney, he said, "You did not."

Delan is the one who got the Q106.5 logo tattoo, on his foot. Want one? Diversified Ink artist Harley will do it. Anyway, he did it for his Mom, Michelle.  She wrote paragraphs before about how excited she was to go backstage, how proud of her son she was to do this for her, and come the big day..and the second the photographer snaps the once in a lifetime picture? She has her eyes closed. That's ok. You still did what most will never ever ever get to do. Meet and Greet Kenny Chesney.

Do you know how they got to meet Kenny when he came to Bangor? They're all members of our Q106.5 Country Club! Plus, they went the extra mile to tell us what they'd do to meet one of their favorite country stars. You can check out the videos below to see what they did! And keep listening to find out how you can get backstage.