Pledges for the Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride hit a milestone for this year, so far. We're at $10,000 in total donations! Now, that's as of noon on Wednesday, January 22nd. The Ride is just over a week away, so we have plenty of time to hit our goal of $40,0001 but we need your help!

We are all very excited here to have hit the ten thousand dollar mark so quickly. Usually, this is the point where we've started to panic. See, the bulk of the donations always come in during that last week. And the week before that is when we're sweating bullets because it seems like the donations are coming in too slow.

The early signs are that this is going to be an excellent donation year for our Egg Ride. But we need to keep the momentum going! Remember, all the money we raise goes toward putting raw eggs in the suits of our riders during the big Pine Tree Camp Snowmobile Ride-In on February 1st! And every penny of the money we raise goes to the Pine Tree Camp for Children and Adults with Disabilities in Rome, Maine.

You can call in a pledge to our studio at (207) 991-9500. Stop by and see Q-106.5 Breakfast Flake JR Mitchell this week at a Walgreen's during the Walgreen's Eggscellent Adventure. Or click below to donate online. And thanks! From the Pine Tree Camp and all of us at Q-106.5!