Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on Puppy-proofing our home. Copernicus came to live with us on Friday and I wanted to just update his progress, and show a couple pictures of him with is eyes open!

It was a rocky start to our family journey as we brought Cap home to Orrington from Corinth. I think between leaving Mom and siblings, getting a loud and angry initial greeting from cousin Lola (golden retriever) in the back seat, and a 45 minute car ride, he got very car sick. But it's been all smooth sailing from there!

Many people have asked how big he is. And the answer is...tiny. Cap will be 8 weeks old on Halloween, so he's very small. But he's fearless! If Lola barks at him, he just plants his little feet and barks back. I think Lola actually respects him for that and, although she finds him an annoyance around the house, they love to run together in the yard. So, anyway, here are a couple pictures of Copernicus. He's adjusting well to his new family! And we're adjusting well to him too!