It bothers me when elected public servants do things that are so fiscally impractical, especially at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed yet doling out record tax dollars to keep the nation afloat. Case in point, 'The Presidential Inauguration.'

ABC news reported back in 2009, that President Obama's first inauguration cost approximately $170 million (source link: ABC News, 2013). That's a lot of money to say, 'Okay, Mr. Obama, you've got the job, now let's party.'

The inauguration this time around will cost significantly less, and private supporters will take care of a good chunk of it, but Americans are still shelling out for, in my opinion, a meaningless party that we didn't get invited to.

Personally, I think they should swear in both the President and Vice President again and call it good.

What say you, American?