The deadline for Maine oil dealers, who offer pre-paid contracts for the heating season, to get their reports into the state is quickly approaching.

According to Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation reports are due by next Thursday
March of last year, LD 1895, An Act To Protect Consumers by Strengthening the Laws Governing Prepaid Home Heating Oil Contracts, became law.

Commissioner Anne L. Head says the law is intended to protect Mainers from oil dealers who might not fulfil their end of the deal.

“The vast majority of fuel dealers in Maine are reputable and honest,” says the Commissioner.  “They provide quality service and care about their customers and communities.  To discourage those cases when dealers don’t meet their obligation, however, Maine law now requires greater accountability.”

A fuel dealer who offers pre-paid contracts for home heating oil, kerosene or liquefied petroleum gas has to register their intent to offer such contracts with the Department by June 30 each year.  It also requires these dealers to file a report with the agency by October 31 each year to indicate how the fuel has been secured.

If you're a consumer and would like to check on whether a fuel company registered by the June 30 deadline you can log on to or call (207) 624-8511.