New York State Representative Michael Grimm needs to learn a little bit about the media. First, it's their job to ask the tough questions. It's nothing personal. It's not an attempt to make you look bad. And second, don't make threats while the cameras are still rolling. When you do that, you're making yourself look bad, without any help from the reporter!

I never thought, when I got into radio, that I would ever end up as a news reporter. It just wasn't what I wanted to do. But life happens and you go with the flow. Now that I've spent several years working in news, I actually enjoy the challenges it presents. But this video makes me glad that, usually, I'm interviewing people on the phone!

After the state of the union address, this reporter tries to ask Grimm about some fiscal issues he's involved in. The politician very clearly states that he's only going to talk about the state of the union and walks away. End of interview. He really should have left it at that. Really. If you're looking for a way to torpedo your own political Michael Grimm has the perfect solution!