As J.R. Mitchell wings his way to Nashville this week, I thought of this deleted scene from one of my favorite John Candy movies, 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.' While J.R.'s in Music City, he'll be treated to some pretty amazing food, like real southern pulled pork, grits, and Goo Goo Clusters. But, before he gets there, he has to survive airplane food!

Steve Martin and John Candy were hilarious together in this film. Candy was the perfect annoying travel-mate, while Martin played his character's fussiness and superiority to the hilt. Personally, I think I'd rather travel with Candy's character. Although he has a serious problem with respecting personal space, at least he was upbeat and optimistic!

This deleted scene is a perfect example. Okay, so the airline food is tough and unappealing. But hey, it's better than not eating. Although, I'm not sure I could eat the brownie, either! Here's hoping J.R's airplane food is limited to a bag of pretzels!