This video makes me glad that I live so far out in the country that most pizza delivery places won't travel that far. Watch as this pizza delivery guy helps himself to the toppings from someone's pizza before taking it to their door. Ewww!!!

Now, I saw this video shown on the Today show and Matt Lauer brought up a good point. Maybe it was a sausage and pepperoni pizza, and the guy suddenly realized that they didn't want the sausage. So, in order for the pizza to be correct, he just ate the sausage off the top! (yes, heavy sarcasm here)

I'm not sure what's the worst part of this situation; the fact that it occurred to this guy to do this, the fact that he eats the toppings, or when he uses his now wet finger to dab at them. Perhaps it's the fact that he probably got a TIP for doing this! Here's hoping this idiot no longer has a job delivering pizzas. If you see this guy come to your door, refuse the pizza!